• Customs dollar : $920,49
  • U.T.M : $58.772

A Peruvian citizen carrying 201 thousand in fake dollars was detected

  • During an X-ray examination of luggage, customs officers from Arica, posted at the controlled border crossing of Chacalluta, detected a Peruvian citizen who    attempted to evade border controls in order to bring fake money in.

     Customs inspection officers noticed, through the x-ray examination, some anomalies in the bottom of a bag.  Immediately, they requested the support of the drug team and two detector dogs due to the suspicion of the presence of some kind of narcotic drugs.

    However, when perforating the bag, several bundles of bills were found by customs inspection officers; the same occurred with the second luggage with similar characteristics: a total of 201 thousand in fake dollars were hidden (more than CL 91 million).  

    The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Arica was immediately informed.


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