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Customs Agency Alberto Sanchez Romero and Company Limited, offers advice to our clients in their imports and exports by the various ports of the country, be they air, sea or land and all other formalities.

Our services are:


Customs brokerage is a profession that involves the 'clearing' of goodsthrough customs barriers for importers and exporters (usually businesses).


The term export isderivedfrom the conceptualmeaning as to ship the goods and services out of the port of a country.


Exportation from the national territory of goods legally entered that territory with out having carried out their importation by lawfulmeans.

Temporary Exit

Customs destination in wich national goods or nationalized could besend temporary out of the country, withoutloosingitsquality and not paying back the taxes that causes the importation, when achieving this conditions.

Temporary Admisión

Customsdestinationin wichforeignergoods are broughtintothe country, without paying the taxes for importation, with suspension of payment of importduties...

Re-Entry of Merchandise

Return to country of national or nationalizedgoods, free of duties and taxes, if itisproven in a reliablemanner, that for unjustified causes theydidn’tgot the Temporary Exit.

Exporting of Services

The Servicio Nacional de Aduanas, has ruled theTransboundary Movement o Services, i.e..the tradetaking place between two countries. The service crosses the border without displacement of people.

Additional services

  • Rates of air, sea and land.
  • Quote of port services
  • Withdrawal of goods in port and sending these to customer warehouses
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