• Customs dollar : $967,52
  • M.T.U. : $64.343

Temporary Exit

Temporary Exit

Customs destination in wich national goods or nationalized could besend temporary out of the country, withoutloosingitsquality and not paying back the taxes that causes the importation, when achieving this conditions :

1. To beidentified in kind 
2. To bereturned to the country within the periodauthorized, and 
3. That itsspecification, nature or purpose corresponds to one of those below called: 

a) vehicles and pack animals,  if they are driven by personsthat live in the country, as well as animals for exhibition and intended to act on certain tests or exhibitions; 

b)  National Goodsthat are sent  abroad for deposit. 

c) Machinery, tools and parts or parts sent for repair.

d) Samplesand  nationals exhibitions 

e) The clothing, decorations, equipment, appliances, tools, musical instruments, vehicles and animals for theather, circus or other public entertainment; 

f) The cattle that weregrazingpurposes Andeanfields lead to neighboring countries; 

g) The  international transport vehicles forpassengers and goodsbelonging to entrepreneurs recognized as such by the respectiveautorities; 

h) The iron or steelcylinders, empty intended to serve whentheyreturn as gas containers tablets, and 

i) Othergoodsspecified by the  National Director of Customs.


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